Welcome to Scott King Designs, I'm Scott King and I would like to thank you for taking the time to view my website.    

    As a business owner I understand how the economy has effected everyone.  One of the benefits of being a small company is my low overhead.  I'm giving you the same product as the big name companies.....just at a more affordable price.  With Scott King Designs you, the customer, are very important to me.  You are a customer, not just some reference number in a computer.  

   Scott King Designs offers several different types of services.  Vinyl Decals, Website Design, Screen Printing, Designing and Printing, etc.  SKD can handle any printing or design job for you or your company.
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   I'm a 2002 graduate of Brown College with a degree in Visual Communication.  I've been drawing up everything from business cards to race car graphics ever since, and in 2004 I opened up Scott King Designs. 
   Do you have a sticker or t-shirt idea that you've always wanted made, but didn't know how to get it done?  Please send all your ideas over to scottkingdesigns@gmail.com and we'll get you a proof and a quote right away.  
please call for more details 612.708.0836  262.290.3145 or email anytime scottkingdesigns@gmail.com
H&L Services Trailer Graphics/Logo Design
Helmet Decals
100" SKD Logo

Website/Facebook Headers
Single Color Cut Vinyl on Doors42" x 85" Printed Logo for side logoFinished Project ready for the road!
Warmington: One color screen printing/logo design